Bespoke Luxury is our language. Luca Designs embodies style and glamour, in every aspect of our work.

We strive to design pieces and spaces which speak to an aspirational lifestyle, all thatyou dream about.


In a market where so much is standard and available, we are offering products and interiors which can be branded by who you are, what you love and what feels right to you. Our personalized services give you the freedom to create your own design love story, whether it be customizing one of our lifestyle pieces, curating your own Luxe design, or constructing your unique space. This is accessible glamour at it’s best.


We don’t do boring, we don’t do beige, we’re about the brights and the cool. More is more, and being able to offer you our very best, makes our heart skip a beat.


A bit about our Girl Boss


Chiara founded Luca Designs in 2012, with big dreams and a burning desire to create beautiful spaces.

She approaches projects with the client as the absolute priority, to speak their truth through the space and convey their message. Always taking a hands on approach at every stage of the design process, Bespoke Luxury has been embedded in our brand from the very beginning.


Our Lifestyle range came about from Chiara sensing a gap in the market for customizable décor with meaning and an edge. Inspired by her travels and the magic of Mediterranean beach chic, our range was born. Always limited edition, exclusive and personalized with meaning. We are drawn towards using good luck charms and omens for the home, empowering and cheeky quotes, and anything that we love and would love to have in our space.